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Level up your health with a fitnessnutrition & wellness routine tailored to your individual needs. 

My Story

I was over-prescribed and mis-guided when I received mental health and physical health diagnoses. My experiences led me to understand my body better and ultimately make choices that allow my body the opportunity to heal itself.

I've been exploring fitness, nutrition, meditation, breath work, journaling, gratitude, and other physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual support practices.

It feels nice to have support, especially when you are unsure of the road ahead or in a particular moment in your life where you could really benefit from some guidance


My personal mission is to empower you to take control of your health; to guide you to the solutions that work for you, because no one knows you better than you.

What I Offer

Based off my 4 Pillars to change your life forever: 

     -Know Yourself

     -Take Control

     -Get What You Want

     -Enjoy Your Life



-Habit tracker

-Back-to-the-Basics Food Course

-12 Transformation Sessions (1-on-1)

     -45 minutes focused on your specific needs

     -Health History, Nutrition

     -Food Relationship 

     -Vision and Goal Setting

     -Adjustments (where needed)

Designed for your level of experience and fitness goals.


Session 1 (1-on-1)

     -Movement/Nutrition Needs Analysis 

     -Vision and Goal Setting

Movement Program NEW every 4 weeks of completion

     -My philosophy

     -Daily Check-Ins

     -Mobility, Stability, Activation, Strength, Power, Hypertrophy, Stretch 

     -Progress Tracking

     -Mobile Access

     -Movement Library

     -Form & Technique Instruction

     -Modifications: Progression & Regressions

Allow me to revamp your pantry!

     -Learn what I look for on nutrition & ingredient labels

     -Gain confidence in grocery shopping

     -Complete pantry makeover

     -Conscious food & food storage

The whole shebang (all the above).

Side effects may include:

     -increased balance

     -increased stability

     -increased mobility

     -increased strength

     -increased energy

     -increased thirst for life 

     -increased confidence in & out of the gym 

     -increased confidence in yourself & with food

     -increased mood

     -increased mental clarity


     -increased vitality

     -more health conscious

     -better relationships with self & others

     -access to me, my time, energy, mindset & expertise 

Fruits and Vegetables


Boost Confidence

"Results I created for myself:
making a plan weekly and motivating myself to make meals at home instead of picking up food. It boosted my confidence and eases my meal planning anxiety. I'd recommend this to anyone trying to better themselves in nutrition, physical health, and mental health. Thank you Emily!"



Let's Talk

Super Health Food
Tell Me More

Looking forward to learning more about you!


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