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earth2em: health, fitness, nutrition, mindset, and whatnot

WELCOME to the INNER WORKINGS of my MIND with ANYTHING RELATED to HEALTH -whatever that means

Regardless, this is ME, Em; the earth calling to me; grounding myself through writing, speaking, and sharing. I'm embarking on a journey to get to know myself better.

Find Your Truth

I feel I have a unique perspective to offer regarding health from what I've understood to be true, what I've found to be true, and everything in between. The truth is, everything and nothing is true (depending on how you look at it). This is my truth, from MY experiences in life. I'm mindful that you have your own experiences that shape the way you view life, AND I EMBRACE THAT.

I'm here to offer my curiosity, what I've found to work for me, other suggestions on how to go about all-encompassing-health, and propose views from another perspective as a TOOL for you to MAKE DECISIONS FOR YOURSELF. I will never tell you what to do (maybe some heavy suggestions)...only YOU can make those decisions <3

My posts will be a mix between my own reflections throughout my journey, tips and suggestions, research findings, and subjectively and objectively answered questions.

Grow with Me

I'm on this earth to grow within myself in the best way possible and help others do the same (HINT: this means get to know yourself better). I hope you'll stick around and learn some things for yourself. You are not alone. Subscribe for more!

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